Fluffy Nut Free Bread With Cassava Flour

Fluffy Nut Free Bread With Cassava Flour 
Ingredients :⠀
- 2 cups cassava flour⠀
- 6 large pasture-raised eggs⠀
- 1/2 cup water, at room temperature⠀
- 1/2 cup avocado oil⠀
- 1 T apple cider vinegar⠀
- 1 t baking powder⠀
- 1 t sea salt⠀

Instructions :⠀
1. Preheat the oven to 350°F.⠀
2. Line a bread pan with parchment paper, making sure to overlap the sides.⠀
3. In a medium mixing bowl, combine cassava flour, sea salt, and baking powder. Set aside when finished.⠀
4. In a large mixing bowl, use a hand mixer to beat the eggs until frothy.⠀
5. Add the water, avocado oil, and apple cider vinegar to the egg mixture, but do not mix!⠀
6. Gradually fold the dry ingredients into the wet using a spatula. Mix until fully combined.⠀
7. Pour the batter into the prepared pan and spread in an even layer.⠀
8. Place in the oven and bake for one hour. When finished, lift the parchment paper and bread from the pan and set onto a cooling rack for at least 30 minutes.⠀
9. Slice and serve!⠀

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