Skradin Cake

Skradin Cake
What you will need :
300 g almonds
300 g walnuts
12 eggs
1 dcl honey (or sufficient amount of sugar)
3 cl rose liqueur
1 dcl prosecco wine
1 Vanilla Stick
Grated lemon or orange skin
Baking Powder
200 g dark chocolate
1 dcl sweet cream

Skradin Cake Preparation :
Combine the honey with egg yolks, adding grated almonds and walnuts. Insert lemon skin and all the remaining ingredients. Use egg whites to make a fine ‘cake snow’ and slowly combine them with the main mixture.

Put the mixture in the bowl for baking biscuits and put in the oven at 175 °C and leave for an hour. The final step is to coat the cake with dark chocolate, which was previously melted along with some sweet cream.

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