Easy Chicken Pasta Recipe

Easy Chicken Pasta Recipe
Ingredients :
- Fusilli pasta
- Nando’s rub
- 500g chicken
- Arrabbiata sauce
- Mediterranean vegetables

Spices :
- Black pepper
- Cayenne pepper
- Mixed herbs
- Garam masala
- Smoked paprika
- Chilli oil
- Garlic paste

How To Make:
1. Marinade you chicken in Nando’s rub
2. Cook your chicken for 10/15 mins
3. Oven cook you Mediterranean veg for 20mins
4. Once chicken is cooked place aside
5. In the same pan, add in you arrabbiata sauce
6. Add in 1tsp of each of the spices to the sauce (if you like your food spicy)
7. Place your pasta to cook in a pot for 8mins, whilst the sauce thickens
8. Add in your Mediterranean veg and pasta (once drained) to the sauce
9. Mix everything well
10. Serve with the chicken on top

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