The Cherry Blossom

The Cherry Blossom

With spring in full swing and the temperatures rising,nothing beats a refreshing drink on a warm day. When I came across this Cherry Blossom recipe from Three Olives Vodka, I had to give it a try – and I was not disappointed!

Not only is the cherry-flavored vodka good on its own, the combination of the fresh cherries and tangy lime juice enhances the vodka to make a sweet and crisp cocktail. I’m not a huge fan of sugary drinks but this mixture is a nice balance of sweet and sour. You can always add more or lesslime juice and sugar depending on your preference. Also, try doubling therecipe and adding club soda or sparkling water to make a pitcher of spritzersfor a brunch or outdoor party.

Cherry Blossom Recipe :
6 Fresh cherries
½ Lime
2 Tea spoons of sugar
3 oz.Three-O Cherry vodka
1 cup of crushed ice

Directions :
Cut lime into 3 wedges.  Put cherries, lime and sugar into a large glass. Mash fruit and sugar together until juicy.  Add vodka and ice. Cover and shake vigorously until combined and serve.

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